Dear Friends,

I was born in Mercy Hospital 52 years ago, attended David Lubin Elementary School, Sutter Middle School, Sacramento High, and Sacramento City College. I graduated from U.C. Davis with a degree in Russian in 1984. I worked overseas in Moscow as an attaché in the American Embassy Press and Culture section. There I was privileged to witness the historic unraveling of Communism.

After that I traveled widely, met many people from different countries and cultures. That is how I developed an ‘internationalist perspective.’

But I missed home.

I returned to Sacramento to become a teacher in our public schools. Because I speak Spanish and Russian I became an English Language instructor and here the internationalist perspective of my twenties came into good use. I’ve been a classroom teacher for seventeen years.

I also joined East Sacramento Preservation because I shared that organizations’ values and understood that preservation of neighborhoods is essential to our quality of life. After serving for three years as president of ESP I ran for City Council, but missed the runoff by 118 votes. Grateful for the support from so many East Sacramentans, I was particularly pleased that my Clean Vote proposal resonated so well with voters.

After that primary I focused on work and neighborhood issues. But several people, other teachers and members of teachers’ organizations in particular, asked me to consider running for School Board.

I finally agreed because school issues are neighborhood issues. Our local schools contribute immeasurably to our quality of neighborhood life. This focus fits well with my current neighborhood participation, educational background and experience, and my chosen profession.

I run for School Board to serve the neighborhood I love and live in, and the students and parents I have worked with for seventeen years.

I believe that our system of free public education is a defender of Democracy itself and will work hard to protect and improve it.

I would be honored to have your support in this endeavor.

Ellen Cochrane