Nobody knows better than parents what their kids need. And nobody knows better than teachers, on the front lines every day, what students need to succeed. Respecting teachers, and promoting a partnership between the board, students, parents, and teachers will take politics out of the classroom, and allow the school board to get back to the basics of improving our schools. As a retired public school teacher with twenty years of public school teaching experience, I know a board member must be sensitive to neighborhood needs and focus on what students require. The success and future of our neighborhood schools is something I take as a personal responsibility. I've lived here all my life and attended local public schools. It is an honor to represent you in Area Two.

Ellen Cochrane
Sacramento City School Board
Trustee Area 2

Ellen Cochrane

Area 2 Schools




International Baccalaureate

High School



  • Fremont
  • Old Marshall
  • Redding Complex

Independent Charter

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